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  • Current RDPE programme which ELS/HLS/OELS schemes sit under ends on 1st Dec 2013.
  • This means that the latest start date for new/renewed ELS/HLS agreements is 1st Dec 2013.
  • After this date, new ELS agreements are not expected to start until 1st Jan 2016. Any ELS/OELS agreements expiring after 1st Dec 2013 will run their full 5 year term. Agreement holders with agreements expiring in 2014/15/16 will not be able to terminate their existing agreements early in order to renew before the 1st Dec 2013. Defra are discussing renewal options for these ELS schemes expiring in 2014 & 2015 with the EU at present. Further details will follow.

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  • If you have an ELS agreement expiring before 1st Dec 2013 or you plan to enter ELS for the first time, plan to submit your ELS renewal/application as soon as possible and before 1st September 2013.
  • You will need to submit your ELS application at least 3 months before your planned start date. See table below for further clarification:-

Desired ELS Agreement Start Date

1st September
1st October
1st November
1st December (latest available ELS start date)

Latest Submission Date

1st June
1st July
1st August
1st September

  • Contact either Rhys Evans at Crop Management Partners on 07590963281 or Natural England (contact details below) for further information.


Berks/IOW/Kent/Oxford/Surrey/W Sussex
0300 060 1115
[email protected]

Bucks/East Sussex/Hampshire
0300 060 1114
[email protected]