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Now more than ever is the need to protect the natural environment for future generations. Countryside stewardship schemes are not only forming larger parts of farming businesses, but are also bringing in substantial income. As we move through current schemes and towards ELMS, we can assist in maximising stewardship potential on-farm.


Nutrient management planning is key in optimising the yield potential and health of your crops. We will work with you to plan your crop nutrient requirements and organic manure use, so that fertiliser inputs are allocated as efficiently as possible. We can also help guide you through the many precision farming providers offering variable rate nutrient and lime application.


Our advice can be fully tailored to your specific needs. We work with many  farm and estate managers on a strategic level, advising on all aspects of crop production and arable farming. This provides growers with the backup and reassurance of an experienced agronomist whilst helping fulfil your farming business goals and ambitions. 


High levels of volatility in the commodity markets and rising input costs mean that knowing your costs and predicting seasonal cashflows have never been more important.
Working closely with clients, we are able to create customised crop margin analysis and budgets to help minimise financial risks and maximise returns.


Crop Management Partners is the largest independent agronomy partnership operating in Southern England.

We have 10 BASIS, FACTS and BETA qualified independent agronomists, with over 200 years of combined experience.

Our sole aim is to work in the best interest of our clients. As members of the Association of Independent Crop Consultants, we can separate the technical issues of growing crops, from buying decisions and our clients can be fully assured of our independence.


The soil on which we farm is our greatest asset, but one that must be treated with the utmost care and attention. Our aim is to help you build and maintain a healthy, fully functioning soil from which there are huge benefits – including carbon capture, improved water infiltration & retention, nutrient cycling and better water quality to name but a few. 

Many of the Crop Management Partners agronomists have been involved on farms practicing conservation and regenerative agriculture and we have a vast amount of experience to help advise you, no matter what stage of the ‘journey’ you are at. Whether you would like to learn more about cover crops, improving organic matter, reducing artificial ag chem/fertiliser inputs, reduced or zero-till, we can provide unbiased advice and experience as to what may (or may not!) work on your farm. 

To measure soil health, we have developed Soilwise, to test for and identify the key factors that can have a direct influence on your soils’ health and productivity. We will then sit down with you to discuss the results and offer a clear plan on how you can act on your individual results to improve productivity. We will also measure key metrics within your soil to help benchmark against future test results, helping you to monitor progress over the years.

Why Us Welcome to Crop Management Partners. We pride ourselves with delivering top service and providing our clients with:

Progressive independent and unbiased advice from a team of 10 established, experienced BASIS & FACTS qualified agronomists.

The latest technical information based on both independent & manufacturer trials and research.

Full cost analysis to ensure continued profitability of your business.

Assurance in meeting all necessary cross compliance, environmental scheme and NVZ requirements.

Guidance in the adoption of the latest precision farming techniques including variable rate seed and fertiliser applications.

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