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Important Changes to Clopyralid on grassland

Important changes to clopyralid use on grassland

Labels have now changed for Corteva’s range of grassland products that contain the active ingredient, clopyralid.

The following products are affected by the change:

  • Thistlex
  • Prevail
  • Pas Tor Agronomy Pack
  • Leystar/Dingo
  • Shield Pro

Any of the products listed above that are on farm under the old MAPP numbers can be used until 31st October 2023 but the new label restrictions should be observed.

The new label changes stipulate the following restrictions:

  • Do not use on grassland that will be grazed by horses or ponies.
  • Treated grassland cannot be cut for silage/hay/haylage/bedding until 12 months after treatment.
  • Manure produced from animals grazed on treated grassland or fed on forage produced from treated grassland (12 months after treatment) must stay on farm and go back onto grassland, cereals or maize.
  • Under no circumstances should manure from livestock grazed on treated grassland or forage be supplied to gardeners, allotment holders or commercial compost producers.

The label changes are designed to mitigate against the risk of clopyralid residues ending up in manures and composts and subsequently affecting sensitive plants, similar to the restrictions on aminopyralid use. The phasing out of peat-based composts has seen a resurgence in demand for farmyard manures from gardeners, allotment holders and compost producers.

Should you have any concerns about how to manage this on farm please contact your CMP agronomist.